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Disc of the Week: Latitude 64º Sinus

One of the best windy approach discs on the market!

Sinus is another early gem from Latitude 64º that didn’t get the attention it deserved until years after its debut. My guess is the thumb grip areas and unusual profile (especially for a putter) scared most people off. But for those who got around to throwing the Sinus, especially those who rely on a predictably overstable putter for their approach game, like me, you probably never looked back.

Before the Sinus, you couldn’t have convinced me there was a better option than the Wizard. I threw a range of them between outright understable to all-the-way wind fighter overstable for all my approaches. The Wizard was a disc I thought I’d never pull from my bag. Truth is, after a handful of years throwing the Sinus for check-up overstable, windy, or controlled skip approaches, I can say without question that Sinus is a supreme approach disc in two fundamental ways: 1. Predictability & 2. Control. Sinus simply has the most predictable 250′ and in flight across the widest range of wind and air temperature of any disc I’ve tested. You’ll reach for Sinus in times of doubt more than any disc in your bag, so long as you’re developing a game based on consistency. Perhaps Sinus isn’t the floaty putter you’d recommend to a newer player, but it’s without question a disc designed to elevate an experienced player’s game.

Disc of the Year Candidates: Claymore & Harp

Votes are actively being cast for the 2014 Thrower’s Choice Awards hosted by All Things Disc Golf. As many of you know, the inaugural winner of Disc of the Year (2013) was the Judge. Once again, Latitude 64º manufactured discs are front runners for this prestigious designation. If you’re a fan of the Harp or the Claymore, now’s your chance to support the company who brought you your most recent obsession. Visit the Throwers Choice page to cast your vote for disc of the year before time runs out (polls close December 20th).
On a personal note, I was a bit gutted the Dagger didn’t make it out of the preliminary vote. Like all touch discs, it’s underrated and worth special mention. What an amazingly controllable disc! Of the small diameter touch discs I’ve tried (I threw the Magic for a long time), I can’t say anything flies as slow and predictable as the Dagger. Distance control on any shot inside 200 feet is on point with this disc! I can’t wait to throw it on Pender at the Classic next May. This disc will be in my bag a good long while!


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks for visiting the new site… I hope you enjoy the photos I have chosen to kick start what I hope will be an ever growing montage of Canadian Disc Golf icons and action. Special thanks to Hal at Moonrider Productions for these first images. I hope he hasn’t set the bar so high that you’re hesitant about sending in your best shot(s).

By now you’ve found the blog section. If you’re not too bored already, I’ll be using this medium to echo my thoughts- only those disc sport related of course. However, I’ll try to focus on new product coming into Canada and event results and highlights from my own travels and connections. The first bit of news I’ll drop is that of the latest plastic revolution out of Sweden: Frost Line. This is exceptionally exciting for us in the Great White North, as its allegedly grippy in wet/cold conditions. The initial release will consist of River, Diamond, and Claymore (Trilogy Challenge 2014 midrange). Westside Discs and Dynamic Discs are also releasing models in this new plastic, naturally under unique names to keep us on our toes. “Elasto” from Westside will debut in the widely popular Giant and World drivers. I’m personally excited to get hold of World in Elasto, as this disc lit up my driving this year. Dynamic will be releasing undisclosed models in what they call “Fluid” plastic. Look for these discs at by the new year…

Frost line River

…Which brings up the store introduced on this new improved site. Until recently, it had never occurred to me to pursue the end consumer for sales, eBay aside that is. I got into this business out of wanting a better selection of disc golf products in Canada. So I supplied stores with the brands I made connections with and was interested in. However, recently it occurred to me that many Canadians are unable to access the product I supply to retail stores. So here you have it, a virtual store where any of the discs I carry can be purchased. And on top of that, because I know how it feels to get dicked by hidden costs like shipping, brokerage and exchange rates, all prices you see here include shipping (anywhere within Canada only). I’m also holding off on charging sales tax until the bitter end too. The price you see here is the price you pay- in good old Canadian dollars! That said, if you do live near one of the stores I supply to, I encourage you to check them out before buying here. My prices are in line with theirs and I always recommend getting your hands on a disc before buying it if you can. E-mail me to find out if there is a brick and mortar store near you.

Again, thanks for stopping in and I hope you aren’t a stranger. I’m always into bargaining and bullshitting when it comes to plastic! Oh, and if you already throw something you see here, feel free to leave a review.

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