Seer is an easy to throw control driver with a straight flight path.



The Westside Seer was released on March 1, 2015. Numbers and profile indicate an easy to throw control driver with a straighter flight path than the Underworld.

VIP plastic is our most durable plastic. It comes in a nice see through and opaque appearance. It has a tacky grip nice glossy finish. Designed with super resistant polymers to withstand great force, still hold its shape, and maintain original flight characteristics. No matter what you hit VIP will show great resilience and fly the same the next time you throw it.

Our Tournament plastic is just what it sounds like. Designed with the experienced tournament player in mind, TP has a tackier grip, and is faster out if the hand. It has a softer feel, thus breaking in easier than VIP. Not all shots are hyzers and sometimes you will have to shape shots. TP plastic will give you the flights you need in those tournament situations.

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