Mercy features a deeper feel and consistent stability for putts, approaches and short drives.

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Mercy has all the qualities of a timeless putter… Classic design elements meet new ideas in terms of better conforming to a soft putting grip and a responsive release. Mercy also has a rare appeal to push and spin putters alike. This is probably helped by the three durometers (relative plastic hardness) of plastic available in the Mercy. Spin putters tend to prefer Zero soft or medium whereas push putters covet the hard variety. Regardless of your putting style, Mercy has a perfectly neutral stability for stock straight putts or dead-weight hyzer bank shots. As a long-time push putter, Mercy offers balance between lofty glide and a wind penetrating profile that I haven’t found with another short range disc.

For those of you who enjoy throwing putters like I do, Mercy once again stands out. Thrown with average-to-good arm speed, Mercy finds lines much like it putts, but over more real estate. Approaches from 150′ to 250’+ fly predictably straight or hold gentle turns. Mercy really shines on anyhyzer approach lines to the green. Again, three plastic options allow for adjusting your Mercy to playing conditions/seasons.

So how does the Mercy fit amongst other putters in the Latitude 64º lineup? Where a Dagger flies slower and more over-stable than the Mercy, a Pure flies less stable and with a few extra feet of glide.

Manufacturer’s description:
Mercy is the latest putt and approach disc released by us. Designed with deeper rim and slower speed than our earlier putters, makes it a very good alternative in our putt and approach lineup. Stable and consistent flight for putting, approach and short drives. What else can you wish for?

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