Disc of the Week: Latitude 64º XXX

Reliably controllable, even  into the stiffest of winds. Great sidearm disc. Not for the faint of arm!

XXX undoubtedly lives up to its reputation as a brutal “meat-hook”… and this is a good thing.

For those of you who don’t know, a “meat-hook” amongst golf discs is a relentlessly over-stable disc with a devastating fade that will hold up to any headwind or freakish amount of arm torque. Enter XXX… But wait, there’s more to this brute of a disc than being an overstable pig, which is why I prefer to describe it as my “wedge”.

Convert golfers out there already know the value of a club/disc of this description. Wedges produce THE most accurate shots in golf in terms of both control of flight and landing. The same is true for the XXX in disc golf.

By driver standards, XXX is slow. As unattractive as this sounds initially, slow flight equals controllable flight. Equally controllable is the already mentioned uncompromising overstability of XXX. The marriage of slow and overstable produce a long approach to short control driver that is unmatched in flight consistency. But let’s not forget about the all too important landing control element that makes for a great wedge…

XXX, unlike any other wedge, features a deliberately thick, blunt edge allowing for unprecedented skip control. From steep landings where XXX bites the ground and stops in place, to shallow running skips under branches, XXX allows the disc golfer to execute a range of flights and landings with master precision.

A good wedge is too often missing from players bags and XXX is an outstanding wedge. Regardless of skill level, XXX will improve your approach game and be your crutch in the wind. XXX is an excellent backhand disc and even better for sidearm and overhand shots. In fact, XXX recently broke the world distance record for a tomahawk throw.

If XXX is just too much fade for you (and there’s no shame there), try the Trident, which is nearly identical to XXX in design and flight except is slightly less overstable and will fly flat in the middle of its flight. Otherwise, arm yourself with a XXX and find your inner wedge master this season!