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Disc of the Year Candidates: Claymore & Harp

Votes are actively being cast for the 2014 Thrower’s Choice Awards hosted by All Things Disc Golf. As many of you know, the inaugural winner of Disc of the Year (2013) was the Judge. Once again, Latitude 64º manufactured discs are front runners for this prestigious designation. If you’re a fan of the Harp or the Claymore, now’s your chance to support the company who brought you your most recent obsession. Visit the Throwers Choice page to cast your vote for disc of the year before time runs out (polls close December 20th).
On a personal note, I was a bit gutted the Dagger didn’t make it out of the preliminary vote. Like all touch discs, it’s underrated and worth special mention. What an amazingly controllable disc! Of the small diameter touch discs I’ve tried (I threw the Magic for a long time), I can’t say anything flies as slow and predictable as the Dagger. Distance control on any shot inside 200 feet is on point with this disc! I can’t wait to throw it on Pender at the Classic next May. This disc will be in my bag a good long while!

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