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Snap Discs

Since 2001 we’ve been printing disc t-shirts, experimenting with new versions of vintage molds (Whitler), designing the first high speed understable driver (Helios), dabbling in disc golf course design and… well, being ourselves in Disc Golf documentaries (SNAP the Movie). But now it’s time for the latest evolution of Snap! We’ve expanded our products and services to the finest in Disc Golf equipment catering specifically to the entire Canadian market. The prices you see here include shipping (by Canada Post) within Canada only!

So why Latitude 64º and Wetside Discs? Well, sometime between the release of the Medius and the Mirus we really started to take note of new golf discs coming out of Sweden. In truth, Latitude64 were producing the discs Snap had always aspired to: unique, well designed and impeccably finished. The fact that these discs were all but unavailable in Canada made it even more logical for Snap to start selling them.

Our dream is that through spreading the finest golf disc seed over every Disc Golf course in Canada, we can promote the sport we love and get back to designing discs.

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Snap Discs